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New York with the eyes of a tourist and the soul of a local

by Maria Henao on July 04, 2021

I have always been a traveler at heart, I remember when I was 17 years old when I traveled alone for the first time, it was perhaps one of the best experiences of my life. Some (many) years later, I decided to move to Paris and in the midst of a pandemic I returned to the country of my love: Colombia. (All the account of my trips I will tell you later if you are interested)

If we have learned something from the pandemic, it is that life is only a little while, so in the midst of all this disaster, I decided to travel to New York, I needed that rest of the soul, I needed to live in an environment where I was not afraid of being infected and to die, or to infect my family, I needed a little of what travel gives: Life.

You might wonder, what does a trip to New York have to do with Puchetty, a shoe brand? More than you can imagine. In Puchetty, we understood that the cure for everything has a first and last name: TRAVEL A LOT, if you have a bad love, travel, if you have depression, travel, if you want to find the meaning of your life, travel, if you feel trapped in a bubble, travels. We are a group of travelers with a brand of shoes, so naturally we look for them to be comfortable (comfortable level: walking all day and getting lost in central park), “stileers” (I kind of put them on and they combine with everything and I feel like a goddess walking), and with a greater purpose than selling a product (we are creating alliances with foundations to be faithful to that purpose)

Okay, but let's get back to the point: NEW YORK. When they say that it is a concrete jungle, I can say that it is that and much more, this definition falls short. For me, visiting New York meant traveling around the world in a single city, when I got on the subway I found people from ALL over the world, from Asians to Africans, Europeans and obviously Americans, I don't know to what extent the people I encountered were immigrants or of immigrant parents and in the end they were really American. Anyway, listening to many languages ​​in a single car filled me with curiosity, in fact I imagined the conversation between people without even knowing the language.

I visited various neighborhoods and ate all kinds of food, including the best tacos I've ever had in my life (I hope no Mexican reads this article). The variety of restaurants and nightlife that New York offers is impressive, the problem ... the big problem is that everything was very expensive, considering that the dollar is approximately $ 3,778, so somehow I said to myself “He who converts does not become fun ”and even knowing that I was going to get into debt, I tried to look for the cheapest options and make room for the odd“ fancy ”restaurant.

I would like to tell you that I went to the Statue of Liberty and climbed the Empire State Building, but I did not, I made these plans years ago when traveling with my family, however you should know that my travel style is a little different, For me, traveling is about the conversations I have with the people I know, the experiences that are not planned, the magical places where there are not many tourists, the history behind the walls, the streets where I get lost and the flavors that they surprise me.

Before continuing with my story, I want to tell you that I traveled all over the city with our Liverpool boots, I can assure you that they are more comfortable than walking in tennis. We have a variety of materials between leather and synthetic leather (Vegetable soon), shiny leather, high and low soles, really this design has many variations and you will surely like some, I leave the link for you: https: / /www.puchetty.com/search?type=product&q=liverpool

Let's continue ... In the first days of my visit, I took it upon myself to get to know Central Park from end to end, well it's not true, Central Park has approximately 843 acres, and I probably only traveled a couple of kilometers (That seemed many more), the point, it is impressive to see how in the middle of so many buildings there is a great lung, green full of squirrels and spaces to rest and play sports, as well as restaurants. Bathrooms (amazingly clean, very clean, bathroom level of my house), and even a zoo (which I do not enter for ethical reasons, but they say it is incredible). I traveled with a friend who is a Yoga teacher and clearly I reluctantly force myself to do yoga, which I enjoyed immensely, meditating in a space where your soul feels free is a privilege that I thank life, and my friend Yogi.This park has several well-known areas, you want to know where you can enjoy the best spots, here is my recommendation:

  • The Bethesda font, you will recognize it because there they have recorded many romantic novels that make us believe in love (Friends with benefits for example, after seeing it I wanted to find someone creative enough to organize a flash mob just for me ... I'm still searching)
  • Strawberry Fields, the memorial to John Lennon that has the word "imagine" written in the center, the song he composed thinking of a better world
  • The mall and literary walk, where you can walk leisurely and breathe deeply in the midst of so many trees, you feel a magnificent peace.

You can see some photos on my personal Instagram: @mapshenao

I think I overdid myself a bit in this first part of the article, if you want a second, leave a comment!

I'm going to eat nutella crepe and see friends with benefits, it's always a good time to see Justin Timberlake.

With love and the heart of a traveler,



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