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<transcy>NOBUCK LEATHER SHAMPOO</transcy>
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Shampoo for the care and maintenance of footwear made of Nobuck leather, its use allows to renew the color of the leather at the same time that it eliminates part of the accumulated dirt.

How to use:

1. In the event that your shoes or boots are too dirty (if it is not the case, skip this step), remove the laces and with the help of our shoe maintenance brush, consistently rub the surface of the shoe with the rubber provided by the brush. . the idea is to remove as much dirt as possible. IMPORTANT. You must do this process with completely DRY shoes or boots.

2. Afterwards, apply our Nobuck Shampoo all over the surface of the shoe, make sure to do it evenly. In this step you should not rub or help yourself with any other element.

3. Let the product dry for at least 30 minutes and that's it!

You can use this product in the following references:

* Kansas

* Seoul Nobuck

* Dallas

For more information you can send us a message to our WhatsApp, we will gladly assist you.

Note. If you don't have our shoe care brush, you can use a clean piece of breadcrumb eraser.